Style Quiz

1. What color do you reach for at the nail salon?

     a. Red, always red.
     b. Something with the barest hint of color
     c. The pinkest pink
     d. The shade of the season

2. When shopping, you're usually drawn to

     a. Bows, ruffles & anything lacy
     b. A-line dresses, slim black trousers, sleek dresses
     c. Cashmere cable-knits, khakis, navy blazers
     d. Things you spotted on your favorite celebrity or the runway

3. What is your shopping style?

     a. You shop regularly but only buy things that you really love.
     b. You go shopping knowing exactly what you'll buy before you leave the house
     c. You shop with three words in mind: comfortable, practical, and timeless
     d. You shop frequently so you always know what's on trend

4. When you wear a pattern it is usually:

     a. Delicate and sophisticated like a floral or jacquard
     b. Bold and graphic like color blocking
     c. Traditional yet colorful like plaid or stripes
     d. Unique or ethnic like ikat, geometrics or tie-dye

5. Your accessory of choice is:

     a. An armful of gold bangles
     b. a strand or two of pearls
     c. the new “it” bag.
     d. big, round, black “Jackie O” sunglasses.

6. The perfect everyday shoe for you is

     a. Flip-flops.
     b. Loafers.
     c. Barefoot.
     d. Stilettos.
     e. Flats.
     f. Sneakers.

7. You tend to wear
     a. Mostly white.
     b. Lots of navy blue.
     c. Bright colors.
     d. Head-to-toe black.
     e. Anything neutral.
     f. Dark colors.

8. What is your budget for your look?
Make sure you put the answers to these questions in the body of the email of your styling request.  Feel free to add any other details that you think would help me to understand what look appeals to you most. 
Remember, requests can be made around specific pieces or events.  If it is a specific piece you want me to style please be descriptive as possible about the piece but a picture of the piece is preferred.  If it is an event you want me to style for, please put the date of the event in your request so I am sure to put your look together in time. 
All styling requests should go to
To be eligible for styling, you just have to be a subscriber to my Youtube channel and a follower of my blog on Bloglovin'

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