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Baking has become a big part of my life.  It is something that brings me pleasure almost as much as shopping :-)  Instead of creating a new blog dedicated to my OTHER passion, I thought I would just add a page to Ebbie's Closet and welcome you all to Ebbie's Kitchen. 

Cooking has interested me for as long as I can remember.  I remember being glued to all the cooking shows that came on Maryland public television (this is before Food Network was around).  I loved it.  The idea that all these different tastes could be produced just by knowing how to combine ingredients fascinated me and still does to this day. 

Now I have to say, my G is a natural born cook.  He is much better with cooking from the heart.  He can just take whatever we have in the fridge and can create a delicious meal.  I am more of a recipe cook.  And I think that it is that characteristic that pulls me toward baking.  Baking is precise and road tested.  The first cake I ever baked from scratch was G's 29th birthday cake.  It was a caramel cake and I got the recipe from Epicurious.com.  I have to say that after that cake, I was hooked.  No more packaged cake, brownie, cookies, or biscuits mixes for me!

It wasn't the prettiest creation, but it was DELICIOUS! After that first cake, I began to practice with some basic recipes like standard yellow cake that I turned into mini cupcakes (the frosting was store bought as I was taking baby steps).

I then tried a standard white cake that I cooked as a bundt.

After that, I started making cookies every week to try to perfect chocolate chip and butter cookie recipes for Christmas time. 

Seeing my love and skill for baking increase from week to week, my G did the most wonderful thing for me for Christmas.  He bought me my very very first standing mixer!

He got it in RED!

This is where the serious baking started for me.  As I bake every week, I will show you guys what I make and share links to where you can find the recipes if they are available online.  Just as an FYI, there are quite a few weeks that I need to catch you guys up on so there will be a delay on what I am actually baking for the week and my post.  Talk to you soon!

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