House Build: Lighting

I am so deep into choosing items for our new build.... Oh yeah, we are building a HOUSE!

It is an exciting step to take, but also an extremely stressful one.  Especially when you know exactly what you want, or better said, exactly what you DON'T want.  Pinterest is awesome for inspiration, but so many of the pictures have lost their original sourcing.  So it is very difficult to figure out how to get your hands on the items pictured. has been a great tool for me during this whole process.  Being able to ask questions to the designers and builders is AWESOME to say the least. 

Well, since this news is a bit of a bombshell, I decided this post would be a simple one.  Here are some of my favorite lighting fixtures from Pottery Barn.  I love the style of these fixtures, I just wish that Pottery Barn held some of the items in store.  Hopefully the quality is up to par with the style. 


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