Decor Timeout

I have been thinking about changing a bit of the decor around my place.  Sometimes living in a rented apartment comes with a subconscious feeling of transiency.  This feeling has kept me from doing any real decorating in any of the apartments that I have lived in while in NYC.  I always say to myself that I will decorate when I buy a house or a condo.  Right now, all of the decor in my apartment reflects my taste, but everything is functional.  There are few vases or things that are just there to enrich the look.  But recently I have been thinking, "Why?" I do not live my life in that way.  I certainly don't think of fashion and my personal style in this way.  And I definitely don't go to all those shows, parks, museums, etc because I NEED to go. 

So I have decided to no longer neglect my home decor.  The first room I have decided to tackle is my bedroom.  I picked up the items above from One Kings Lane.  I absolutely love this site!  So many decor goodies and there is something new everyday. The sales on the site rotate so the items above are no longer available but here are some similar items that you can pick up.  (The desk is just my dream desk.  How fabulous!  Oh if I only had the space...)

When my items actually arrive, I will do a before and after post.  Can't wait!

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