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I've Got My Eye On You... Animal Attraction

Liam Silk Tee / Zebra Stripe Bangles / Leopard Studs / Lissa Flats / Show Your Spots Necklace / Python Skirt

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I've Got My Eye On You... Equipment Blouse

One of my very favorite pieces in my wardrobe is my silk J.Crew equipment blouse.  I only have it in white but now I am coming across the tops in so many different colors.  I absolutely love it!

Signature Silk Blouse by Equipment in Chinese Red and Black

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Gumdrops and Rainbows

Top: Basic Scoop Neck Tee
Bottom: Tibi Paper Bag Linen Trousers (old). Similar here and here
Accessories: Lulu's Rainbow necklace (old), Similar here
Fat Buddha quilted hobo (old) (Cute bag here)

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I've Got My Eye On You... Cuffs

I have seen a few folks with these cuffs and I have resisted and resisted.  But when I saw a girl rocking a pair as ankle cuffs.... I was SOLD!  A must have.

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White + Coral

Top: Ruffle sleeve top (old) Similar style here and here
Bottom: Zara Ruffle Skirt.  Similar style here and here
Shoes: Zara Basic Sandal
Accessories: Chunky silver necklace (old), Amrita Singh bangles, Zara Shopper

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My Little Hiatus

Hey Everyone!!

I have been completely MIA for a bit now and I just wanted to give you guys an update as to why I have been gone. 

As some of you guys may already know, I live in NYC. I came up here to attend college and have been here ever since. All in all, I have been here for 11 years. Living here for so long, I have to say that I feel like a true New Yorker. As for G, he has been here for only about a year and a half.  It was a little rough going for him at the start, but now, he really loves the city. 

However.... We both grew up in environments very different from the one we live in now.  I grew up in the suburbs outside of Washington DC and G grew up in Sicily.  As time passes, and we start to think about maybe starting a family, we both have thought about what type of life we would want our children to have.  We both feel that living in a house with a yard is the starting point as that is how we both grew up.  

So long story short, G and I have been thinking about becoming home owners!!  Let me tell you, just thinking about this type of change brings on a buttload of decisions we have to make.  Do we move to Long Island? Upstate? Jersey? CT? Or do we leave the NYC area entirely?  Do we buy something that's not so perfect and fix it up? Do we buy something that is "ok" and just plan to live there for 5 years? Do we build a house exactly as we would want it to be our long term house (10 - 15 years)?  If we build what details can we wait on to get the price down? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

So that is what I have been doing. Traveling around, talking to builders, looking at houses EVERYWHERE and trying to answer all those questions.  It is a daunting task let me tell you.  Especially with my personality.  I want to make the best and most informed decision possible.   G is very easygoing and just wants me to be happy, but I have an issue with not wanting to settle.  Right now we are leaning towards building.  But that brings so much more to the table.  Home prices are still depressed, so per square foot, we could end up paying more when building than what an existing home would cost.  Madonna mia....

And to top it all off, G has told me to STOP SHOPPING!!  It's for a good cause of course... houses ain't cheap.  But it still hurts a little.  Like I told my sister's BF, K, I am three weeks sober.  Thankfully, I have a large amount of pieces I haven't yet shared with you guys.  I will have some great looks for you guys next week.  Hope you enjoy them. 

Until next time,


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