End of the Rainbow

So I recently went to see "End of the Rainbow".  It is Broadway production based around the final "comeback" of Judy Garland.  I have to say, it was one of the BEST shows I have ever seen. 

I absolutely love the theater and every month, I force G to go to a show with me.  It varies from month to month.  We have been to the ballet, Cirque de Soleil, theatrical plays, musicals, etc.  In every one of those cases, G has fallen asleep at some point during the performance.  It is both embarrassing and infuriating.  But there was something about this show.  It was the very first play where G didn't fall asleep!!  Not even for one second.  It really is a captivating show.

If you are in the NY area, I highly suggest it!  Anywho... here is what I wore.

 Here's a close-up
Top: Zara Blazer & Dress
Bag: Zara Shopper

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