Valentine's Day Ensemble

It's St. Valentine's Day!!!!

I already have what I will wear out tonight for my Valentine's date night out with G.  It is just a dress I had in my closet that I bought awhile back from  For holidays, I am cliche all the way.  I think holidays, no matter what, should be appreciated for their positive aspects instead of dwelling on the cynical "issues" a lot of people seem to find with holidays.  And I parade this appreciation through my wardrobe!  So as you saw, I was bedazzled to the 10th degree on New Years, and for Valentine's day, I am wearing my red rose printed dress! (Pics to come)

I think throwing a little red into your Valentine's ensemble is a great way to be festive.  I have to say that I have never met a red shoe that I've liked (If you have, and have rocked it, send me a pic) so I would go with something with red incorporated in the print (like my dress), one red piece within your outfit, a red clutch, a red lip, or to be really vampy, a full out red dress.  Here are some ideas below.

River Island Origami Dress from ASOS

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