Gift Ideas - For Him

So I have been struggling with what to get G (my sweet buttered biscuit :-) for Christmas.  Shopping for men has never been easy for me whether it be for my father, brother or significant other (UNINTENTIONAL RHYME!!!!) It is weird that my knack for finding a steal does not work when it comes to men's items.  So I have decided just to go with my gut.  I will search and search and whatever I see that my eye is drawn to, I will put in the running for his Christmas present.

Here are a few of the finalists.

1. You can't go wrong with a Christmas sweater.... right?
             Tankien Cardigan from AllSaints
                                    2. Is it ok to buy him a wallet because I think its pretty??
(comes in black too)

                                                                                           3. These just look awesome.
                                                                                    WeSC:The BanjoGolden Headphones

Do you guys have any other ideas??? I need help!

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