Is It Too Early to Plan My New Year's Outfit???

Halloween seemed to come and go like a flash.  I have to say it kind of snuck up.  I had this whole plan to go to the Halloween store and really go all out for my costume this year.  Ummm... that plan didn't go so well... Well let's just say someone in the office had to remind me that Halloween was only a week away.

But I'm not going to dwell on the past...

The whole point of this post is that I want to know if I can just fast forward to Christmas and then on to my sparkly (it must be sparkly) New Year's outfit.  Not that I don't love Thanksgiving.  But there is no getting fab aka closet parading done on Thanksgiving.  When it comes to holidays, my sweety pie and I don't own Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving still belongs to my mother.  We go down south and stuff ourselves on my mother's and aunt's cooking.  I sit around in my version of sweatpants... which are leggings because sweatpants are just... "EWW" and I watch tv with my dad.  If any of us snaps out of our food coma long enough, we may go to a movie because there are always good movies released around Thanksgiving.  So you see, there is nothing closet fab about Thanksgiving.

Christmas day is not really a closet parade day either as we have not yet gotten to the level of having chic Christmas parties.  It ends up being pretty much a family day as well.  We have started little traditions where we have two Christmas related activities each week leading up to Christmas (Like seeing the NYBC perform the Nutcracker at BAM this year!!! Super excited!!)  Those outings give me lots of opportunities to strut but I have to say that New Year's is the one holiday that is completely and selfishly ours.  We get to be our young and revelrous selves.  So I am super excited and want to go all out this year.

So here is my point... finally.  I don't know if I should wear something completely new or just something remixed.  My first idea it to wear a full sequin suit.  Two years ago, I broke out the outfit below and loved it!  It is just a sequin blazer I picked up from Urban Outfitters and some shiny leggings.

Now, I can remix this outfit with a fab pair of sequin leggings I found on

Voila! A perfect NYE sequin suit!  The leggings are only about $37 so it would be the more affordable option as well.

But of course, the second option is much more fun.  A BRAND NEW DRESS!  I have been looking for a hot sequin dress for some time now and I finally found one that I am totally in love with!

It a gold sequin one shoulder dress by Aidan Maddox.  Get ready to drool!

I love the chunky sequins on this dress!! It is so so beautiful.  There were also quite a few awesome dresses by (my favorite) Alice + Olivia but they were all priced over $450.  This dress is priced around $280.  Quite a find!  Just look at those nuggets!
What's a girl to do??!!

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