Booties, Booties, Booties, Booties Everywhere!!

So super duper pumped right now! So, I mentioned in a past post as well in my Youtube boot haul video that I was on a serious search for a pair of black ankle boots.  I liked so many different styles that I couldn't make up my mind.  There were only two requirements. The first and most important is that I wanted to have a pair that would go with multiple outfits BUT they had to meet the second requirement and that was that I didn't want them to be plain looking.  So the search went on for about two months.

I am happy to say that the search is over.

But before I get to my lovlies, I will take you guys through a few of the booties that were thrown into the mix. (Quick reminder: The previous contenders were the two tone leather ankle boot from Zara and the Michael Kors Marlow ankle bootie)

These are the Cindy Koka leather ankle boots by Giuseppe Zanotti.  Now I love any and everything with and inset platform.  But these ended up being crossed off the list because other than the platform, they were a bit plain.  I told myself I would only buy one pair of black booties so I wanted the flash and the utility all in one package.  These would go with anything, but there is no "KAPOW!"... So I kept looking.

The next pair I considered were the Cindy leather ankle boots by  Guiseppe Zanotti.

Now I really liked the shape of these but in the end the height of these scared me away.  I've never worn an ankle boot that covered the ankle.  So again, I thought of my only 1 pair rule and let these go.

Aftere searching and searching, I was just about to go ahead with the Zara booties but as luck would have it, a cousin of mine invited me to an Armani sample sale.  I didn't go there thinking that I would find anything in particular.  I just went along well... because... how do you pass up an invite to a sample sale?

After I got annoyed with rummaging through the racks, I walked over to the stacks of shoe boxes to see what they had to offer.  I didn't really see anything right away that caught my eye so  I was about to walk away.  But then the women on the other side of the table said, "There are different styles on the bottom layer".  And that's when it happened.  I lifted up a box and there they were.  My booties!  So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my lovlies.

They are kind of like a dorsay pump with fabric connecting the leather around the heel and the toe.  The middle section is made of something I can only describe as a sturdy tulle fabric (This is my KAPOW!)  There is also a seam of leather down the top middle of the shoe.  Stay tuned for plenty OOTD with these babies.

I searched and searched but could not find them anywhere online.  But they retailed at about $850 but I got them for a whopping 75% off.  Horray for me!

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