OOTD - Irregular Stripe Skirt

As a die hard lover of the pencil skirt, I never thought the day would come where I would fall in love with a full skirt.  But that day has arrived and I must say, this skirt has opened up a whole new world for me (Dramatic enough for ya?? :-)

So let's start with a little back story.  And when I say little... I mean little. 

I was on one of my favorite online sites (to browse through and impulsively purchase clothes) Asos.com and this skirt just caught my eye.  The photo was so cute as this black and white striped full skirt paired with a yellow sleeveless top.  Now, I don't own any full skirts that are not mini skirts so this would be my first time in this territory.  I didn't want to buy it and NEVER wear it.  I have bought things that I HARDLY wear, but to NEVER wear it... ehhh.  I didn't want to become a collector.  That would move my shopping habit into the territory of a full fledged shopping problem.

So I kept it on my favorites list for almost the full 30 days.  One day, as the shopping stars aligned for me, I noticed that the price was dropped.  I couldn't resist both a cute photo AND a price cut.  So I snatched it up.

When it arrived, I have to say that I was a little disappointed.  The skirt on the model came to right below the knee.  But on me (I'm 5'5") it was a very weird length.  Not a chic retro length, but a frumpy librarianesque length.  At that moment, I thought my sworay into the world of full skirts was over.  I was ready to put it back into the packaging and send it back over the pond. But then something inside stopped me.  I don't know what it was but instead of putting the skirt back into the packaging, I put it into the pile to go to the tailor.  It was one of those decisions where I am not quite sure of the motivation but I am happy I did it.  It may have been because, deep down, I really wanted to try something different.  Who knows?  But here is the final result.

I paired the skirt with my Tinley Road blazer, a simple V-neck tee, a Betsey Johnson patent leather belt and my 6-inch tie up platforms.  I bought the shoes about two years ago but I found an almost exact match by Stuart Weitzman.  The link is below the pics.  Enjoy :-)

Tinley Road Blazer: Buy it here
Asos skirt: Buy it here for $29!
Shoes: Similar style here
Belt: Similar style here and here for $20

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