Work Outfit Of The Day - Push Pop Thursday

My very very first post.  I am totally new at sharing my life through blogs.  I have to say that, up until this moment, I have been a blog and youtube junkie.  It's like my reality television.

Anywho... my blog will be fashion driven.  I am a lover of getting glam and divafied!  Sadly ;-) a large portion of my life is spent inside of the office.  So my full out glam days have to wait for the weekend, but I try my best to bring as much of my personal style into the office as I can get away with :-) (I think emoticons are going to be a big part of my blogging experience.)

So on to the outfit of the day.  I shook my fiance out of bed to come and take the pictures for me.  There are only a few usuable shots since my frustration with his photography "skills" is written all over my face in a black magic marker in half of the pictures.  I just ordered my remote control digital cam today!  So in about a week I will be able to take the pictures without my sleep deprived, grouchy photographer :-)

Ok... the outfit.  It is a simple button up white shirt from and an orange above the knee skirt from Limited.  I am wearing it with one of my favorite necklaces (green beaded) that I swiped from my best friend who swiped it from her mother so I can't tell you where its from since she probably bought it some time in the 70s.  Since I am running to work, I have on my jelly Steve Madden flats.  Let me know if the photos are a good size or if they should be bigger.  Take a look!

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