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Yesterday was the last Friday before the Labor Day weekend.  It's a bit sad since this weekend is usually called "THE LAST WEEKEND OF SUMMER"  :-(  Summertime is my favorite time of the year in NYC.  I don't understand why so many people go away for weeks at a time when this is the best time to be in NYC!!  I can understand a weekend here and there... But to leave when the city is at its best is kind of crazy.

As a New Yorker (I've been here ten years so I think I can call myself a New Yorker now), I go through the following pattern every single year.  Let's start with summer.  In the summer, life couldn't be better.  There is never a lack of things to do.  Work is light.  Summer dresses, gelato, open toe stilettos, roof parties, walks just to take a walk, trips on the LIRR to Long Beach... need I say more. 

But then Labor Day weekend comes and all New Yorkers know that time is running short...  But we get through it because the weather is still hanging in there with us.  Then the chilly nights start to outnumber the pleasant ones and I know that summer has said fairwell. 

But fear not!!!  It's holiday season.  Holiday season flies by like someone is chasing it away.  Nevertheless, it a great time in the city.  (The cold can be ignored.)  But after the final piece of confetti slowly falls to the ground after New Year's Day, the worst four months of the year begin.  No holidays to look forward to and bitterly cold days.  These four months eat up all of my "I love NY" rations that were built up during the summer and the holiday season.  I think the thought "Why don't I move somewhere warmer?", goes through every New Yorkers mind during the four month summer countdown.  It's depressing even to sit here and write about it.  Hmmm.... how did I get on this subject?

Ah yes!  So, since it was considered the last Friday of the summer, I decided to wear my favorite white dress to the office.  It is a Karen Millen white dress with multicolored flowers printed on it.  I chose to wear it with my orangy red (the store called the color watermelon) Guess by Marciano open toe heels.  No special accessories.  Let me know what you think!

(Please disregard the randomly placed Scotch tape that I am drawing your attention to...)

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2 Responses to Work Outfit Of The Day - One Last Spin

  1. LOOKS GREAT! Thanks for telling your best friend about your blog! oh WAIT. You didn't -___-

  2. Loves It, plus good color pairingS!


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