THE WISHLIST - Shoe Edition

So as a huge (and I mean HUGE) fan of online shopping, there are always more items I want then I can actually purchase.  As I was updating my wishlists at some of my favorite online retailers, I thought that I would add a new ongoing segment to my blog... THE WISHLIST.  This is where I will share items that I am really loving and will hopefully be made future additions to my closet.  (Hopefully lying all of my wishlist items out in this way will help me cut down on my impulse buys...  A girl can hope) 

So here goes.  The first edition (as you can tell from the title) will be about the shoes that have not just caught my eye but have kept my attention.  They are all fab, but I will list them in the order of my obsession :-)

The first and undisputed holder of my intense shoe obsession is the Vionnet Colorblock Pump.  She's practically perfect in every way.  She gets three pictures just because she's.... just because.  The only place online I've been able to find her is  But since the shoe is already pricey, I would rather not pay custom fees and shipping so I will venture out to the stores to find her.   I'm in NYC, it shouldn't be hard to find, right?

The next two pair are in competition with each other.  I really want a pair of black booties but I can't decide on the pair. 

The first is the two tone leather ankle boot from Zara.

The next one is the Michael Kor "Marlow" bootie.

 Decisions, decisions...

The final pair are a silhoette that I first saw Kelly Ripa wearing and I fell in love.  They are on the wishlist eventhough I don't think I would wear them very often as I don't think I would be able to get away with wearing them to work (and that is where I am for 80% of my life). 

They are the Charlotte Olympia "Dolores" pump.

I don't think that this version is still widely available.  She has a fall version where the platform is gold and the fabric looks to be a satiny quilted material.  I like the summer version better.  I never get tired of looking at this shoe!

So there you have it!  My shoe wishlist.  What are your favorites?

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