So this may not be my number 1 favorite dress but it is in the top five (it moves up and down depending on my mood :-)  It is a silk and crochet dress from Thurley.  I wear this dress whenever I just want to feel feminine and comfortable.  In the pics I have my hair pulled back but I ended up wearing it down later on to vamp the look up a bit.  I paired it with my super high Mark + James Maggie wedges and a Tre Vero two layer belt I ordered from Dillards.  I bought all these things awhile ago but I did my best to try to find dupes of the items if I could no longer find the exact item online.

Like I said, the dress is very feminine and the bottom half is a very soft silk that feels AMAZING.  I wore this to the office so I put a tank underneath but I have also worn this out to dinner and without a tank, a bit more skin pokes through the crochet at the top of the dress... very flattering!  Take a look.

There was a turtleneck dress by Red Valentino that kind of had the same idea of having a crocheted top and flowy bottom in another fabric/knit.  I can't find it online anywhere.  If you can, comment with a link.

The Thurley dress is sold out EVERYWHERE since I bought it so long ago but here is a cute dress with crochet sleeves and cute bottons up the back. 
Shoes can still be found  here and the belt here.  Both items now on SALE! (Sucks for me, GREAT for you ;-)

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