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Collective Clothing Haul

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THE WISHLIST - Shoe Edition

So as a huge (and I mean HUGE) fan of online shopping, there are always more items I want then I can actually purchase.  As I was updating my wishlists at some of my favorite online retailers, I thought that I would add a new ongoing segment to my blog... THE WISHLIST.  This is where I will share items that I am really loving and will hopefully be made future additions to my closet.  (Hopefully lying all of my wishlist items out in this way will help me cut down on my impulse buys...  A girl can hope) 

So here goes.  The first edition (as you can tell from the title) will be about the shoes that have not just caught my eye but have kept my attention.  They are all fab, but I will list them in the order of my obsession :-)

The first and undisputed holder of my intense shoe obsession is the Vionnet Colorblock Pump.  She's practically perfect in every way.  She gets three pictures just because she's.... just because.  The only place online I've been able to find her is  But since the shoe is already pricey, I would rather not pay custom fees and shipping so I will venture out to the stores to find her.   I'm in NYC, it shouldn't be hard to find, right?

The next two pair are in competition with each other.  I really want a pair of black booties but I can't decide on the pair. 

The first is the two tone leather ankle boot from Zara.

The next one is the Michael Kor "Marlow" bootie.

 Decisions, decisions...

The final pair are a silhoette that I first saw Kelly Ripa wearing and I fell in love.  They are on the wishlist eventhough I don't think I would wear them very often as I don't think I would be able to get away with wearing them to work (and that is where I am for 80% of my life). 

They are the Charlotte Olympia "Dolores" pump.

I don't think that this version is still widely available.  She has a fall version where the platform is gold and the fabric looks to be a satiny quilted material.  I like the summer version better.  I never get tired of looking at this shoe!

So there you have it!  My shoe wishlist.  What are your favorites?

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My Alice + Olivia Fall Favorites

So today I received an email from highlighting the new collection from Alice + Olivia.  The video was so cute, I had to take a look.  Watch the vid below.

Now after watching that video, how could I resist going to the website to check out the new pieces??? (Music is awesome) 

There were definitely some pieces that really caught my eye. 

Mesh Maxi Skirt  <-- So cute.  (I loved the Helmut Lang maxi skirts for the summer, this kind of gives me the same vibe... dress it up or down)

Plum Cuffed Trousers (Arthur Pants) <-- Looks like the same color of my favorite shirt.  Really want to wear colored bottoms in the fall.  Just picked up some green palazzo pants from Zara. (That's for another post)

High Waist Wide Leg Pant <-- Here it goes again!! 

Ella Peplum Tee <-- If this is same cut as the black and white striped one I picked during the summer, this is a must have.  The peplum detail is a recurring theme with these girls.

Sonia Side Zip Dress  <-- Such a hot date night dress

What are your favorites?

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OOTD - Purple Rain

So there is nothing particularly exciting about this ensemble.  But this top is my favorite!!  The color is gorgeous.  I don't have many purple items in my closet, but I have to say that this jewel tone purple has really turned me on to the color.  I can't say that I will be wearing many other hues ( Lilac :-/ ) but I will say that I will no longer ignore the purple section of clothes rack!

I picked up the shirt in Zara a while back.  The pants are just skinny cotton trousers. And I wore it all with................. FLATS!!  I couldn't resist pairing the purple top with the leopard print flats.  The flats are just a cheapy pair I picked up from  The bag is the River Island Padlock Frame Bag from ASOS (I believe it is sold out as I can not find in on the site any longer).  I bought the belt online at  The belt is also sold out and I am not sure if they will restock.  But it is the Tre Vero Grosgrain Stretch Belt. I found some dupes and linked them below.  I couldn't find one with gold closure like the Tre Vero version :-( 


Similar top found here and here
Shoes can be bought here
Similar style belt can be found here, here, and here

FYI, is having a sale where you get 20% off if you use code HAPPYLFW
If you shop at Banana Republic you can get 30% off of one full priced item if you use code BRMAD30
I believe The Limited is having some sort of BOGO deal where you buy one blouse and get the second one 50% off.  Check it out

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Summer Favorites - Accessories & OOTN

Jewelry <-- Favorite jewelry line

Chanelle Pump from (subscription site)
Charles Jourdan Diva sandals

Big Buddha Kim bag in grey from
Brahmin Clara hobo in Pecan from

Blazer from Zara
Tank from Wet Seal
Kensie shorts from Macys
Kenneth Cole double row necklace with rings from Ideeli

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So this may not be my number 1 favorite dress but it is in the top five (it moves up and down depending on my mood :-)  It is a silk and crochet dress from Thurley.  I wear this dress whenever I just want to feel feminine and comfortable.  In the pics I have my hair pulled back but I ended up wearing it down later on to vamp the look up a bit.  I paired it with my super high Mark + James Maggie wedges and a Tre Vero two layer belt I ordered from Dillards.  I bought all these things awhile ago but I did my best to try to find dupes of the items if I could no longer find the exact item online.

Like I said, the dress is very feminine and the bottom half is a very soft silk that feels AMAZING.  I wore this to the office so I put a tank underneath but I have also worn this out to dinner and without a tank, a bit more skin pokes through the crochet at the top of the dress... very flattering!  Take a look.

There was a turtleneck dress by Red Valentino that kind of had the same idea of having a crocheted top and flowy bottom in another fabric/knit.  I can't find it online anywhere.  If you can, comment with a link.

The Thurley dress is sold out EVERYWHERE since I bought it so long ago but here is a cute dress with crochet sleeves and cute bottons up the back. 
Shoes can still be found  here and the belt here.  Both items now on SALE! (Sucks for me, GREAT for you ;-)

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WOTD - Push Pop Pants Edition

So here is my pants version of a white/cream colored top with rust orange bottom.  The top is the Kimchi Blue Swiss Dot Lace Inset Blouse in Ivory from Urban Outfitters and the pants are the Linen Tab Detail Wide Leg Trouser in Chesnut from ASOS.  Unfortunately, you cannot see my shoes in the pic.  But they are the L.A.M.B Charon sandals in khaki.  They are on sale at for $162.  You can buy them here!

Buy the blouse here on sale for only $29.99, Similar styles here and here
Pants are sold out on ASOS in every size except petite sizes.  Similar styles can be found here and here

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Outfit of the Night Labor Day Edition

So we kicked off the Labor Day weekend with a late night dinner.  I wore the silk Linda strapless dress by Hype with a Tinley Road Blazer.  I paired them with my Charles Jourdan Bridget pumps (and my first time with red lipstick!!).  Hope you like!

Dress @ Revolve Clothing: Here
Blazer @ Piperlime: Here with similar styles here and here.
Pumps can be found on Amazon and Endless in Burgundy only: Here But you can find a similar style here & here 

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Work Outfit Of The Day - One Last Spin

Yesterday was the last Friday before the Labor Day weekend.  It's a bit sad since this weekend is usually called "THE LAST WEEKEND OF SUMMER"  :-(  Summertime is my favorite time of the year in NYC.  I don't understand why so many people go away for weeks at a time when this is the best time to be in NYC!!  I can understand a weekend here and there... But to leave when the city is at its best is kind of crazy.

As a New Yorker (I've been here ten years so I think I can call myself a New Yorker now), I go through the following pattern every single year.  Let's start with summer.  In the summer, life couldn't be better.  There is never a lack of things to do.  Work is light.  Summer dresses, gelato, open toe stilettos, roof parties, walks just to take a walk, trips on the LIRR to Long Beach... need I say more. 

But then Labor Day weekend comes and all New Yorkers know that time is running short...  But we get through it because the weather is still hanging in there with us.  Then the chilly nights start to outnumber the pleasant ones and I know that summer has said fairwell. 

But fear not!!!  It's holiday season.  Holiday season flies by like someone is chasing it away.  Nevertheless, it a great time in the city.  (The cold can be ignored.)  But after the final piece of confetti slowly falls to the ground after New Year's Day, the worst four months of the year begin.  No holidays to look forward to and bitterly cold days.  These four months eat up all of my "I love NY" rations that were built up during the summer and the holiday season.  I think the thought "Why don't I move somewhere warmer?", goes through every New Yorkers mind during the four month summer countdown.  It's depressing even to sit here and write about it.  Hmmm.... how did I get on this subject?

Ah yes!  So, since it was considered the last Friday of the summer, I decided to wear my favorite white dress to the office.  It is a Karen Millen white dress with multicolored flowers printed on it.  I chose to wear it with my orangy red (the store called the color watermelon) Guess by Marciano open toe heels.  No special accessories.  Let me know what you think!

(Please disregard the randomly placed Scotch tape that I am drawing your attention to...)


Work Outfit Of The Day - Push Pop Thursday

My very very first post.  I am totally new at sharing my life through blogs.  I have to say that, up until this moment, I have been a blog and youtube junkie.  It's like my reality television.

Anywho... my blog will be fashion driven.  I am a lover of getting glam and divafied!  Sadly ;-) a large portion of my life is spent inside of the office.  So my full out glam days have to wait for the weekend, but I try my best to bring as much of my personal style into the office as I can get away with :-) (I think emoticons are going to be a big part of my blogging experience.)

So on to the outfit of the day.  I shook my fiance out of bed to come and take the pictures for me.  There are only a few usuable shots since my frustration with his photography "skills" is written all over my face in a black magic marker in half of the pictures.  I just ordered my remote control digital cam today!  So in about a week I will be able to take the pictures without my sleep deprived, grouchy photographer :-)

Ok... the outfit.  It is a simple button up white shirt from and an orange above the knee skirt from Limited.  I am wearing it with one of my favorite necklaces (green beaded) that I swiped from my best friend who swiped it from her mother so I can't tell you where its from since she probably bought it some time in the 70s.  Since I am running to work, I have on my jelly Steve Madden flats.  Let me know if the photos are a good size or if they should be bigger.  Take a look!

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