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Satin??? No, that's SATEEEEEEN!

Now I don't know if sateen jeans will only be "in" for a season... But I tell ya... I DON'T CARE. I am going to love 'em, hug 'em and introduce 'em to my parents.  Oh how lovely they must feel?!  I love this version by AG Adriano Goldschmeid.  This isn't the sateen of old.  They are less shiny and not so "I'm going to a club that serves drinks in red  SOLO cups"-ish.  I love 'em!

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Piperlime Sale Picks - December

I am back from my time with family down south and am finally back in a place with reliable WiFi! Here are some of my picks for the huge sale Piperlime is having right now.

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The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

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If I Didn't Spend All My Money on Gifts....

Ok... so  if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping by now, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news BUT you may be SOL.  (Don't shoot the messenger) So I have shared with you guys all of my Christmas gift picks and I am now back to letting you guys know what I am drooling over for myself.  (Eventhough I am having not so pure thoughts about most of the items on my gift picks list... hint hint)

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Outfit of the Night - Nutcracker Edition

Had a night on the town that began with the American Ballet Theater's production of "The Nutcracker"

The picture above is what happens when you let your boyfriend (who thinks he's a professional photographer) take the pictures instead of using your remote control like you knew you should've and you can't wipe the look of frustration off of your face...


Theyskens' Theory Lara Long Dress <--Don't think it is available now... bought during the summer
Zara Snakeprint Blazer
Giorgio Armani Booties
Red Clutch <- Got mine a while back but here is a cute one from Target

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Quick Saturday Shopping Trip

Picked up a few things on a quick shopping trip with a friend yesterday.  Here is what I picked up. 

Vera Wang Princess Rollerball (wanted to try it out)
Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne (colors are absolutely gorgeous)

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Two Days of Class and Work... Bleh... Thank Goodness for Baublebar

It's a shame that the title of this post is longer than the post.  I have been super swamped with work and a class I had to take for work.  But that is all done and I am back to my regularly posting self.  Today I got an email from my favorite online jewelry store, Baublebar.  It reminded me of all the yummy trinkets I have on my wishlist on that site.  Here are two to drool over.   Enjoy!

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Designer Spotlight - By Boe

Earlier in the year, during one of my marathon internet searches for something new, I came across some pieces of jewelry that I really fell in love with.  I have mentioned a few of the pieces in a couple of my youtube videos (one here) but I just wanted to highlight some of the pieces here.  The designs from By Boe are pretty much the opposite of what is on trend right now with everything now being about "statement" pieces.  The jewelry is very delicate but very downtown chic (which is interesting because the designer, Annika Inez, started working and selling the jewelry out of a shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan)

My favorite pieces are the earrings and the necklaces but there are a few bracelets that I love as well.  Take a look.

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Outfit of the Day - Summer Dress in Fall

All the cute summer dresses go on super duper sale at the end of the season.  I snatched up a few as I cannot resist a good discount.  I just pair them with a blazer and an opaque tight and SHADIZZLE! A fall ensemble.  Here's an example.

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Code Updates - Piperlime Code!

My second favorite store is having a sale!!!  Piperlime dresses are 20% off with code "DRESS"  I will pick up one of my dresses now!

Check out the Coupon Code and Sales page for codes to other sites.

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Gift Ideas - For Him

So I have been struggling with what to get G (my sweet buttered biscuit :-) for Christmas.  Shopping for men has never been easy for me whether it be for my father, brother or significant other (UNINTENTIONAL RHYME!!!!) It is weird that my knack for finding a steal does not work when it comes to men's items.  So I have decided just to go with my gut.  I will search and search and whatever I see that my eye is drawn to, I will put in the running for his Christmas present.

Here are a few of the finalists.

1. You can't go wrong with a Christmas sweater.... right?
             Tankien Cardigan from AllSaints
                                    2. Is it ok to buy him a wallet because I think its pretty??
(comes in black too)

                                                                                           3. These just look awesome.
                                                                                    WeSC:The BanjoGolden Headphones

Do you guys have any other ideas??? I need help!

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OOTD - Chasin' Waterfalls

Kisses :-*

Waterfall cardigan from Alloy, tank, necklace (geometric panel necklace) and belt from Forever21, trousers from Zara, shoes from (style name: Chanel) and my beautiful Brahmin bag (style name: Clara).

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Wishlist - Piperlime Edition

Here are some items that have caught my attention from my second favorite online store

Since I still haven't made up my mind on what to wear for NYE, here are some dresses that are in the running.

My next picks are some comfy looking sweaters for the LONNNNNGGGG winter here in NYC

(The next one is not a sweater....but I really like it :-)

Zoa Silk Embroidered Blouse

Now I should have put this next item on the very top of the wishlist because it is my absolute favorite.  The picture on the site doesn't do this piece justice.  I've seen this watch on some of my favorite fashion bloggers OOTD and it is just fabulous!

So you can get a better view, here is a pic from where she highlights the watch.


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