Designer Spotlight: Self Portrait

After seeing Beyonce rock that gorgeous white Self Portrait dress to Wimbledon, I just had to take a look at what else the brand had to offer.  Here are my favorites.

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Fabulous Linda Rodin

It is always inspiring to see people who make fashion and the overall beautification of their surrounding their lifestyle.  I was excited to see the feature on Linda Rodin in the Rosewood Issues.  She is one of the first 'stylists' and she shares my love for everything Italian.  Her life is fabulous (helped by living in one of the most fabulous cities in the world) and she is someone who makes it clear that being stylish isn't just for blog photos, it's a way of life it you do it right.

Photography Christelle de Castro

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My Favorite Things: Candles

I have found a candle to push my prior favorite candle down to number 2!  So I am not saying goodbye to my Tokyo Milk Le Petit candles forever.  But it will have to move over and give some space to my current fav.... Illume Boulangerie.

I came across these candles on a random trip to Anthropologie and fell in love.  Bought three small sized candles on the spot and will definitely go back for the larger size once I finish burning them.

My favorite scent so far is Vanilla & Fig.  The scent within these candles is so concentrated.  Nothing like those huge candles from you know where that you have to stand right next to in order to smell them (or burn two or three at a time!!)

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Shopping List: Recent Purchases

Spring, I hope, is on the way.  I know that this is not a good reason for shopping, but since most of my stuff is in storage, I thought I would do some Spring shopping.  Now the items below are not really "Spring" items, but I thought I would get some skincare items to try to revive my skin for the coming season.

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